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Situated in the heart of Montpelier, within the old site of the legendary Bells Diner, Bianchis is an explosion of Italian Heritage.

Come and enjoy a five-course a la carte menu and an impressive wine list with jewels from all over the new and old world.

Bianchis has 4 separate areas all named after one of the four Bianchi sisters, Frances, Anna, Dina & Vittoria. We also have Nonna’s kitchen and Aldo’s wine list – this is a family affair.


The food served at Bianchis has its genesis in the ethos of honest cooking. In other words, the ingredients we combine speak for themselves, each in their own voice. We use the best local and, sometimes, international ingredients to skillfully accomplish this. So, whether you wish to enjoy the enduring comfort of a plate of freshly hand-made pasta or indulge in five courses of delicacies from all over Italy, Bianchis offers it all.

We work with some of the best suppliers of meat and fish in the West Country and we’re proud to say that provenance and quality are paramount to what we do. Our kitchen works off induction and charcoal, which yields both eco-efficiency and flavour in abundance.



Wine is at the heart of any Italian meal and eating in Bianchis is no different from that. However, we’ve gone beyond the borders of Italy to bring you a full selection of old and new world wines, affordable, high-end, light and crispy to big and bold ones. Magdalena Pietrykowska, our general manager, is just the person to assist you with your options.. It’s our great pleasure to also offer ‘Aldo’s List’; a separate selection of wines chosen for their extra special qualities.

Food & Wine

Dinner is served from 6pm and you will find our a la carte menus gracing every table then. We offer five courses, all of which distinctively compliment each other, and a wine list we confidently commend to you.

Our A La Carte Menu

Sunday Lunch Menu

Dessert Menu

Group Menu


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