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The Bianchis Team 

Who We Are


About me: I was born in Warsaw and moved to Wexford Ireland when I was 15, then to Dublin where I did a degree in Hospitality.

I then travelled the world and found myself in Canada for 3 years, owning & running a successful food truck specialising in vegan soft serve ice-cream before moving to Bristol and settling here. I joined the Bianchis Group in 2018 at Pasta Loco in anticipation of Pasta Ripiena opening then moved down to St Stephens’s street in April 2019 as the assistant manager there. When Ben & Dom decided take on Bell’s Diner I fell in love with the building & I’ve been here ever since.

Favourite Venue: Bianchis of course, I love the elegance of Bianchis, the light in the building and how beauitiful it is. Food wise, Pasta Ripiena is my favourite it’s simple but so flavoursome – they also handroll gluten free pasta which is amazing

Favourite dish: Mezzaluna with black truffle from Pasta Ripiena – theres a reason it gets such good reviews

Shout outs: Nadu, Paco & La Campagnuola 


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